3 Reasons to Choose a Collaborative Divorce in Minnesota

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There is no such thing as an easy divorce. Your marriage is ending and it is likely that it stirred up a series of complex emotions because of it. However, a divorce can be as simple or as messy as you let it be. It should be seen as a pathway to new opportunities and better relationships by both parties. As such, it doesn’t need to be all arguing. In fact, if both parties can put their differences aside for a collaborative divorce, it can make the process go much smoother.

Collaboration Fosters Privacy

In traditional divorces, splitting couples are often uncomfortable about how much of their private lives become public in the courtroom. However, it doesn’t to be need like that. In fact, collaborative divorces are often extensively private. Instead of resolving issues in a courtroom, much of the discussions take place in private.

This might mean some extensive arguing in front of your lawyers, but it is often preferred than doing it in front of the court. It is this privacy that makes collaborative divorce preferred for high-level executives or business owners in Minnesota who don’t want any shortcomings or personal information coming out in public.

Collaboration is More Efficient and Cost-Saving

A large portion of the cost of a divorce is spent preparing for trial. That trial could then go on for months only for couples to eventually get sick of it and settle anyway. If you and your ex-spouse can agree on one thing, it is that you would rather your funds end up in one of your pockets rather than paid to someone else.

If you choose a collaborative divorce, there are no depositions, opposition research, or attending hearings. Instead, lawyers will instead focus their efforts towards helping two parties reach an agreement. This should at least be attempted, since it is entirely possible that if there are irreconcilable differences, one spouse can back out and choose a trial instead. Ultimately, a collaborative divorce should be at least attempted to save both sides money and allow them to not waste months sitting in a courtroom.

A Collaborative Divorce Can be a Creative Divorce

When having your divorce overseen by a judge, there is only so much they can do within the confines of the law. A judge’s rule is restricted to a few select parameters, but in a collaborative divorce, there is no judge. In a collaborative divorce, couples that can agree on it can make it happen in Minnesota since they are not restrained by the confines of the courtroom.

If you want something that might seem silly to others, like a visitation schedule for your pet, or something typically not included in court ordered plans, like grandparent visitation, you can set it. The plans for a divorce set by the courts in Minnesota are always fairly rigid, but a collaborative divorce can let you be flexible. This is the best option for couples that don’t so much care about how they split their things, but does want to set up a post-divorce plan that is custom tailored to their unique family.

Starting a Collaborative Divorce

An uncoupling doesn’t need to be as messy as previously divorced couples all make it seem. A collaborative divorce has a number of benefits over more traditional means, and should at least be attempted. While you can always take your ending relationship to court, it is best for everyone to try and settle it outside of a courtroom.

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