Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in Minnesota?

When families go through significant changes, such as divorce or separation, the question of grandparents’ visitation rights may arise. At Beckman, Steen & Lungstrom, our Minnetonka family law attorneys are well-versed in the legal aspects surrounding grandparents’ visitation rights in Minnesota. Let’s explore the rights of grandparents and how our experienced attorneys can assist in such matters.

Grandparents’ Visitation Rights in Minnesota

Minnesota Law Perspective

Under Minnesota law, grandparents may petition the court for visitation rights under specific circumstances. While the state recognizes the importance of maintaining strong family bonds, the court will consider the best interests of the child when determining whether to grant visitation rights to grandparents.

When Can Grandparents Seek Visitation?

Grandparents typically seek visitation rights in situations where:

  • The parents are divorced or separated.
  • One or both parents have died.
  • The child has resided with the grandparents for a significant period.

Factors Considered by the Court

When evaluating grandparents’ visitation rights, the court considers various factors, including:

  • The historical relationship between the child and the grandparents.
  • The child’s preference, depending on their age and maturity.
  • The willingness of the grandparents to encourage a positive relationship with the parents.
  • Any history of abuse or neglect.

Legal Assistance for Grandparents

Seeking visitation rights as a grandparent can be a complex legal process. Having the guidance of a family law attorney is crucial to navigate the legal system effectively.

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