Divorce Mediation

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Mediation Can Be A Way To Avoid High Legal Fees & Stress

The mediation process uses a neutral third party to resolve conflicts in all types of legal matters, including disputes involving divorce, custody and child support. Mediation can be an excellent way to avoid high legal fees, stress and drawn-out courtroom appearances.

At the Minnetonka, Minnesota law firm of Beckman Steen & Lungstrom, P.A., our attorneys are strong advocates of mediation. Moreover, many counties in Minnesota require that divorcing couples try mediation first as a way of reaching a divorce settlement more quickly and amicably. It is increasingly popular as a way to tackle all types of difficult issues.

Issues in Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and differs from collaboration (another type of ADR) because it involves direct negotiation between the two parties with a third party — the mediator — guiding the process.  Because the parties are making decisions together, it requires a divorcing couple to ultimately agree about sensitive issues such as:

Mediation works particularly well for people who feel positive about doing their own negotiations and understand the financial issues involved, but can also be effective in high-conflict situations.  Mediation also allows people to be in control of the outcomes, and maintain their voice throughout the process. Parties can participate in mediation with, or without their attorneys present, but prior to attending mediation, a person should know what their  legal rights are by consulting with an attorney so that they may be more well-informed in negotiating a settlement.

Twin Cities Divorce Mediator

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