5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone for Loss Prevention During a Divorce

Divorce is never an easy decision, or an easy thing to endure. Rarely is it amicable and peaceful and both parties are polite and easily agree to terms.

Emotions get in the way and one partner feels rejected and feels the need either for revenge or for redemption.

In the event that things get nasty, there are ways you can prevent losing your possessions due to your ex’s actions. Following these 5 things you can do with your SmartPhone would save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Take Pictures

When you move out and are unable to take many of your possessions with you, take pictures or videos. Take a snapshot of a current newspaper and its date and then take pictures or videos of all your items and save them. This will be proof that your valuables were still in good condition when you left. Also take pictures of your house to show its condition to prevent your ex from letting the house go in disrepair.

Attach Tracking Devices

Get tracking devices such as MagicFinder, to attach to your big ticket items that you want later.  You’ll be able to track them on your SmartPhone to see if they’re being moved, as being hidden or sold by the ex.

iSplit Divorce App

This App helps users divide their assets by assigning icons to all by assigning icons to the house, cars, and other big-ticket items. You input the monetary value of each item and the app keeps a running total of each spouse’s assets, ensuring a fair split between both parties

Home Monitoring

Install a Smart Thermostat and other SmartHome devices that can be controlled by your SmartPhone to ensure that the ex is not running up bills by running the heater or A/C at a ridiculous temperature. Don’t control the programs from your phone but instead take screenshots of the app and present them to your lawyer for proof of contempt.

Track Your Movements

Get a GPS Logger App (such as My Tracks) that will record all your movements and keep track of where you’ve been. This will be useful as evidence to show your whereabouts in case you’ve been accused of an affair, stalking, or the like. This isn’t directly related to loss prevention, but can help with your credibility and can reduce the amount owing the ex in the divorce proceedings.

Divorce can be ugly, but these SmartPhone tips will help ease your finances and your mind in keeping your possessions safer for you.

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