Divorce and Family Law Topics: Social Media and Divorce

Social media has become a huge part of many people’s lives, and it has also become the daily journal for many of its users. Many social media users are not shy about sharing their life events and their opinion about certain things. Unfortunately, many people tend to use social media at the wrong time. When many couples are going through a separation or a divorce, social media will become an outlet for them.

We want you to know that if you find yourself in the middle of a divorce or a custody battle, your future ex-spouse and the attorney your spouse has hired will be looking closely at your social media accounts. They are going to be searching for anything that can be used as evidence in the courtroom.

If your divorce has not been finalized and you post videos or photos of you with a new love interest, this will certainly be brought up in the court. If you post videos or photographs of you drinking excessively or abusing any type of drugs, this can certainly be used as evidence against you during the divorce proceedings or the custody hearing.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are the top social media websites that people use to vent. If you use either of these social media websites, it is important that you do not post or share anything that can be detrimental to your divorce proceedings or child custody case.

Here are the things that you should avoid doing on your social media accounts and any other networking websites:

  • Post photos of money, luxurious cars, lavish vacations, especially when you have made claims that you only have a limited income
  • Post photos or videos of you enjoying a night on the town during the time you were supposed to be with your children
  • Post nude photographs or any type of provocative photos of yourself
  • Share posts or videos that are related to alcohol or drugs. Sharing these posts or videos can have a huge impact on the custody battle, even if you are not the one who is using the drugs or alcohol.
  • Post a status about a girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancée while you are in the middle of a divorce proceeding
  • Sign up for new social media accounts or dating websites and state that you do not have any children and that you are single
  • Share information about the divorce case and the child custody issues
  • Sign up for a dating website
  • Post things that can be taken as dangerous or threatening

Many people do not think twice about what they post on social media, and sometimes this can result in a world of trouble for them. If you are in the middle of a divorce proceeding and you are trying to obtain full or joint custody of your children, you should not give your future ex-spouse any reason to suspect that you are doing something wrong.

You should make sure you consider the impact of anything you post on social media. If you have concerns about something you may want to post, you should probably avoid posting it. It may be best to avoid using social media altogether during this time. You need to put all your time and energy into more important things. You should also make sure your friends and family members do not share anything about you and that they avoid tagging you in photographs or videos that can be used as evidence against you.

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