Friendly Divorce Lawyers Key In Mediation Process In Minneapolis, MN

Group photoAre you on the lookout for a friendly lawyer in Minnesota to guide you through a mediated, noncontentious divorce?

Have you seen the images of ‘happy divorces‘ on social media and think, “we could do that”?

Happy divorces are a thing and they are more common than most people think.

Who Can Get A Happy Divorce?

Sometimes two people grow apart. Sometimes a romantic relationship evolves into a strong friendship and the marriage isn’t appropriate anymore. Maybe all you do is fight and you are tired of it and want a peaceful ending and a strong new beginning.

Your marriage doesn’t have to end in a fight in the courtroom. If you still have love and/or respect for your former partner, and especially for your children, a mediated divorce accompanied by friendly lawyers may be just what you are looking for.

What Is A Happy Divorce

A happy divorce is just how it sounds. Two people who were married and who have mutually decided that being married isn’t going to make them happy anymore can have an amicable separation, even if they still argue.

It is a compromise where both of you can get what you want, your way.  You can celebrate the relationship that you had and move forward together as friends who support each other. You don’t have to separate as enemies who spend their lives fighting or never speaking to each other again.

A ‘happy divorce’ can definitely come from a mediated divorce, which is a quicker and a gentler transition on you, your former partner, and your children.


People who go through a happy divorce can go through mediation instead of attending hearings and trials where decisions about your family are made by a stranger, not you. Even people in contentious divorces benefit from mediation.

Mediation is a positive and constructive alternative to your average divorce proceedings. It is important to first consult with a lawyer and discuss important issues related to your permanent separation and create a plan that addresses your decisions on the issues that will be discussed in mediation.

A neutral third person observes negotiations, breaks down arguments, and witnesses agreements made between both parties. This mediator and your personal lawyers will work together to make sure that all relevant details of the divorce are discussed and agreed upon. Details can include:

  • property dissection
  • child support and custody issues
  • alimony requests
  • parenting responsibilities
  • any other asset distribution

You can wait and discuss these issues at the mediation meetings or you can discuss them before with your personal lawyer and former spouse and go in with compromises that the mediators can work with and place in a divorce contract. You have the control.

Still, Consult An Attorney

An attorney can accompany you to the mediation proceedings and ensure that your voice is heard. They can make sure that all decisions are fair and abide by the law.

An attorney will protect you from giving more than you are able and aide in the creation of a contractual agreement outlining the compromises that you both made. A lawyer can make sure that this contract contains all of the information that a judge will need to sign off on the divorce and get it done in much less time.

Bringing your own attorneys shouldn’t send the message that you don’t trust each other. A friendly divorce attorney can simply be there for support and guidance. Through their vast experience, they can create unique and personalized answers to any of your problems. They can act as a reference for anything you don’t understand.

The wrong lawyer will attempt to create contention and act as an instigator when decisions are close to being made so they can bill you for the extra hours. A truly supportive mediation lawyer is not here to cause problems but to help solve them with your best interests in mind.

We Are Here To Help You

Our friendly and attentive attorneys at Beckman Steen & Lungstrom, P.A. can guide you through the decision-making process and make sure that all the decisions made are lawful and fair. Our team advocates highly for mediation as a low-stress and amicable option for anyone who has decided on a divorce. We’re here to help.

Contact us if you are ready for your new beginning. Allow our experience and compassion to benefit you and your entire family.