Getting Child Visitation Started Out on the Right Foot

If you are going through a divorce, you probably just want to get the entire process over with and move on with your life. The thing is, if you have kids, it is important to take the time upfront to get custody and visitation details laid out correctly with your divorce attorney. Here are three ways you can help make visitation with your children successful from the beginning.

1. Keep Your Frustration in Check

It won’t do any good to talk poorly about your ex-spouse around your kids. This can be upsetting for even older children and your words might get back to your ex. This can cause strife and make even the most amicable visitation schedules turn into painful confrontations on drop off and pick up days. If your divorce is still ongoing, your ex-spouse might try to augment visitation by using your remarks as a part of their reasoning for primary custody as well.

2. Stick to a Firm Visitation Schedule

While you might be working more hours or have scheduling challenges in your life because of the divorce process, one thing you should try to keep constant is your visitation schedule. If you start cancelling and moving around days, this can give your ex ammunition to revise visitation parameters with examples coming from your inconsistent behavior.

3. Make Your Child’s Needs a Priority

On the other hand, if there are reasons that your child might like to change up your visitation schedule, such as school-related activities happening on a weekend or to see a relative in town, be sensitive to this. Your child’s life has been turned upside down, so anything you can do to smooth over some of this will be helpful. By keeping your child’s needs at the forefront, this can center you around what is truly important when it comes to your family.

Maintaining a level of understanding with your ex-spouse can go a long way when it comes to shared visitation schedules. If you are still working through custody arrangements with your ex, contact us for advice and for help with the details of your divorce.