Mediated Divorce: Reasons to Try Mediation

Getting divorced can be one of the hardest things that you will ever have to do. Dragging it out in court can make it even worse, especially if children are involved. Mediation is a great option to allow both parties and their lawyers to talk through their problems before they end up in court.

Here are some reasons why you should try to go through mediation.

  • Unlike what you may think, most divorces can be solved through mediation. This is even true when there is a lot of conflict. Even marriages that end due to affairs can be handled through mediation.
  • Mediation is one of the cheapest ways to get divorced. The only way to do it cheaper is to do it yourself! While you may want to have lawyers, you may only need a mediator which can really keep the cost down.
  • It also saves you a lot of time. If your divorce ends up in court, you are going to be attending several court appearances including any motions and conferences that you must attend, as well as the trial itself. This spreads your divorce over several months if not years. Simple divorces can be quickly solved in mediation – in very little time.
  • When you go through mediation, you are allowed to talk about your feelings, wants, and needs. Then, you will have to listen to your ex-spouse talk about the same. It allows both parties to feel like they are heard.
  • You can make your own rules with your divorce. Many divorces end the same way. Someone gets the house, someone gets the car, and so on. When you go through mediation, you can control whatever you want to happen. You can get creative and find better ways to work things out.
  • All parties come out of mediation in better shape than they went in. Too many divorces get ugly in the court system, damaging the relationship that may need to continue, especially if there are children involved. By seeing a different way to communicate and work together, both parties may be able to see a time when they are not so hurt. They may actually be able to talk civilly and work out their issues, instead of always coming back to court.
  • When there are children, it is important that both parties learn to put their children’s needs before their own. By going through mediation, both parties will learn to talk through their problems and find solutions. This can be very helpful with learning to parent together even though you are divorced. It may even make both parents more willing to compromise and work together to care for their children.
  • There is often little regret after a mediated divorce. Both parties got to talk through their issues until they found an agreement that worked for everyone. Because of this, most people seem pretty happy with their results.
  • They are also already on the path of healing. Divorce can cause a lot of emotions. Anger, sadness, and fear are big ones. The sooner that you come to an agreement that will work for both of you, the sooner you will start to heal. You may even lose some of that anger and hurt by working together during this time.

Mediation is one of the best ways to get divorced. Not only is it cheaper and takes less time but most people come out of it less angry and bitter. The same can’t be said when a divorce gets nasty!

When there are children involved, mediation is necessary. It allows both parties to learn to put their differences aside for the sake of their children, as they learn a new way to co-parent.

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