Five Tips to Consider Through a Gay Divorce For Ease & Less Stress

A commitment between two people through marriage, whether straight or gay, carries with it a promise and pledge to love and support one another.  For whatever reason, couples drift apart, and the bond deteriorates.  Divorce is often the only recourse to move on in life.

Gay marriage may seem harder to terminate since it was a controversial issue for so long.  Same-sex marriages were not allowed nationwide, and divorces could not be granted unless the couple lived within the state recognizing such unions.  Recently, same-sex marriages became federally recognized throughout each state. Even after such a contentious fight for legal rights, gay marriages often result in separation and gay divorce.

As with any divorce, the process can be grueling and stressful for both parties, and even more painful when children are involved.  Dividing assets reasonably leads to harsh words and often, a war zone between the parties involved.  Five tips to keep in mind for a more stress-free resolution are:

  • Avoid reflecting off of negativity. Being involved in a divorce automatically creates fear, anger, denial, self-doubt, hurt and confusion. Such emotions and negativity will undoubtedly make life and the process more difficult.  Base your choices and decisions on what is best for you and avoid running your life on fear and negative emotions.
  • Whatever the cause of your gay divorce, it is a legal process placed in the hands of your highly competent attorney working on your behalf. Do not take the process personally, but separate your negative, fearful emotions. Divorce is indeed painful and engulfs both parties with resentment, sadness, anger, and anxiety when thinking about your future. This is a time to shift your thoughts and focus on your partner and marriage as you knew it, and put you first, envisioning a new and better future moving forward.
  • Create a support system for yourself rather than handling the stress of gay divorce on your own. Along with the advice and aid of your attorney, also consider further help with therapists, financial analysts, mediators and divorce coaches who can assist you with a much more prosperous  Aside from professional help, ensure the love and support of family and friends. The process of divorce itself is a personal matter, needing your full attention, but through it, all, a support system, professionally and personally helps to keep your focus on a positive note with a brighter future.
  • Determine what your values in life are and ensure you do not lower your self-worth. Are your personal values love, contribution, family, your achievements, and health that makes you who you are.  Everyone has their unique self-worth, essential for happiness and tranquility.  Compromising your values causes demise within relationships. Stand up for your values so you can do what is right for yourself with self-confidence.
  • Move through the gay divorce process with a sense of feeling proud of who you are. Consider what your new life will be like after the process is complete, with a vision of purpose and success on your own.

We at Beckman Steen & Lungstrom, P.A. are here to help make the process as smooth and personal as possible, with your best interest at heart.  We do our best to work for the best resolution, mediation, negotiation, and as stress-free of an outcome as feasible.  Call us for a free 30-minute initial consultation with your concerns, and we will determine the best solutions to your satisfaction.