There are Sources of Support for Minnesota Couples Looking to Adopt

Adoption can be an exciting and yet confusing process. There are many different types of adoption, including adopting a relative or a step-child, adopting through an agency, adopting a child you have been fostering, and international adoptions. Luckily, there are many sources of support for Minnesota couples looking to adopt.

If you are considering adoption, one place you may want to turn to right away is MN ADOPT. They provide you with information on adoption, including explaining what you can expect from a home-study, which is basically a report that gives the child’s social worker a portrait of the family.

Some families looking to adopt already have the child picked out. Perhaps grandparents are looking to adopt their grandchild, or a step-father is looking to adopt his step-child. Maybe you have worked as a foster parent, and you are hoping to adopt one of the children you have fostered. If, though, you are simply considering adopting, MN ADOPT provides information on children who are awaiting adoption in our state. In this way, you can find the child or children who will fit into your family perfectly.

MN ADOPT also provides help for families post-adoption. They have information about support groups for adoptive parents as well as support groups for children and adults who were adopted.

If you are looking to adopt, you may also want to be familiar with the adoption portion of the Minnesota Judicial Branch’s web page. You can find some of the adoption forms you will need as well as find information about adoption. As a couple planning on adopting, you may also want to visit You can find Minnesota-specific adoption information as well as more generalized adoption information.

Having a variety of adoption resources available can make the process go smoother. At Beckman Steen & Lungstrum, P.A., we can also help answer questions about adoption in Minnesota and aid you in the adoption process. Contact us to learn more.